Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spot On Sax Pads

If you’ve even been on a gig and had a pad fall out, you know that, even if you’ve prepared for this and have a means to heat the pad glue and get it stuck back in the cup, it’s a bit of a trick to get the pad back so the seat groove aligns with the tone hole.

Well, after you’ve read about this helpful hint, and applied it, you’ll be glad if the need ever arises. Or, you’ll wish you had. It’s a simple thing, really. Just take a fine point waterproof black marker and place a small dot on an accessible edge of each pad and make a corresponding mark on the lip of the pad cup. That’s it! It doesn’t hurt the pad or your sax. And now, if your pad ever does fall out, whether on a gig or not, you can easily align the marks, heat it up and you’ll be all set. This will work too, if you use pad cement. You’ll just have to wait until the cement dries. But, that might be longer than your break.

So, mark your pads and toss a lighter (maybe one with a flame extender) in your emergency kit and smile, knowing you’re ready. You already carry a spare neck strap. Don’t you?